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So how inappropriate is it to wear skull shoes to work? I say it’s OK since I’m the only one here and it’s a rainy day. Plus I got them at the beginning of summer for $8 at PacSun and haven’t had a chance to wear them.

I love the rain! I have loved the rain for as long as I can remember. It’s a good excuse to wear jeans and a cute hoodie to work. Oh and the skull shoes! And I love getting hot coffees when it’s raining. So nice. It’s a good day. Maybe I should move someplace like Seattle!

Tonight, Traci (mother of 2 cute boys under 3) is taking a much needed break and coming to visit me. We have a plan to drink. I’m going to get her drunk. She doesn’t know it yet, but I intend on ordering a round of shots as soon as we get to the restaurant! Oh, she’s in for it. I’ve been on a drinking binge lately. Well, I’m not sure you’d call it a binge, but I’m certainly drinking more than I usually do. For example: on Sunday as we were watching the Chargers loose, I declared that my goal for the week was to drink everyday. Matt looked at me and replied, “that’s a goal?” in a non-approving tone. And I’ve taken up smoking, but really only when I drink. It’s weird. Maybe it’s because I know someday I’ll be a mom and I’m trying to get it all out of my system now.

P.S. I didn’t achieve my goal for the week. Therefore, I’ll have to try again next week…

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  1. OaklandLady says:

    You are friggin hilarious- I love it! I need to drink more and go out more to bars and places i can dance. . . . and be more social. And thats that!

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