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Monthly Archive for March, 2006

Matt’s new toy…

Just thought I’d share that Matt just bought a $200 remote for the TV. Whatever! He got the Logitech Harmony 880.

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It’s Friday!!!

I feel like I’ve been pretty productive today. It’s my Friday off and I’m so happy. So far today we’ve gotten the oil changed in both the cars, went bowling, went to Sears and bought Matt a miter saw, then went shopping at Costco. And that was all before noon! Now it’s raining and we’re […]

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Happy Friday everyone! My Friday needs to speed up a little, but otherwise it’s not too bad. I was a little disappointed when I went to make my soup for lunch and then realized that I didn’t have a spoon. That sucks! So, I HAD to go out in the rain and get my California […]

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