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Monthly Archive for October, 2007

Warning: Boring

  The last few days have been pretty nice. Yesterday I actually got up and made myself breakfast, which isn’t something I get to do when I’m working. I had a couple of pieces of bacon and an egg. Oh and I’ve rediscovered my love of coffee. Well, I have always loved coffee, I just […]

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I’m such a party animal! On Saturday we went to the Jimmy Buffett concert in Irvine. I had originally bought 4 lawn seats for Matt, Tracy, her boyfriend and myself. Well, on Thursday my favorite sister called and offered me 2 VIP passes and tickets in the orchestra section. I took them and ditched Tracy […]

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Work Shmerck!

So, back in April one of our big clients went out of business. Since then our work has slowed quite a bit. Well, on Thursday I found out that Friday would be my last day. I am still going to work as a consultant for them until I find something else. My job before was […]

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