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Monthly Archive for May, 2008

So we have this one crazy neighbor and when I say “crazy”, I mean he’s an ass. He lives in the house right next door. I’m usually a pretty nice person, but this guy just can’t control himself. I have actually had to call the cops on him on more than one occasion. But those […]

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My Harvest

These are the products of all my hard work and dedication.  Ha!  I really don’t know why my zucchini are so oddly shaped!  But those cherry tomatoes are AMAZING!  I have a ton of tomatoes starting to ripen up on my plants.  I think we will grill the zucchini with our steaks for dinner.  The […]

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Conversation between Matt and I at dinner tonight. Me: Sorry, dinner is such a mishmash tonight.  And that I burnt the zucchini. Matt: It’s ok, I like burned zucchini so I don’t have to taste the actual zucchini. Me: You’re weird. Matt: I like dinner. Chicken and avocado is good.  Burned zucchini is great.  Cream […]

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