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Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Week 8 Update

It has been 8 weeks since my surgery and I have lost a total of 45 pounds!  This week I was down another 5.5 pounds. I am very pleased with my progress at this point.  I’ve been feeling really well for the most part, besides for occasionally getting sick.  Matt and I have been walking […]

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Week 7 Update

I just realized that I never posted my week 7 update, so here it goes…  As of Monday I was down another 1.5 pounds.  I figured this week would be less of a loss since last weeks was so high.  I am at a total loss of 39.5 pounds.  I know that I have lost […]

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Week 6 Update

Time is flying by! I am down 5.5 pounds this week! My total lost so far is 38 pounds.  My pants are all getting way too big on me.  Luckily I have some smaller clothes stowed away in my closest so I don’t have to constantly buy clothes…at least for now!

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