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Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Week 24 Update

I was down 1.5 pounds this week for a grand total of 87.5 pounds.  Everything is going really well.  I’ve noticed that I’m getting cold really easily now.  I’m thinking that it’s because I’ve lost my insulation, which isn’t really a bad thing.  It’s just annoying to be constantly cold while other people around me […]

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The first November (2004) we were in our new house it snowed!  And it wasn’t just a little…it snowed for a while and some stuck to the ground for several days afterward.  I was really excited this morning to see the weather report for Monday… Maybe there will be a repeat of this coming soon…

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Bottle Cap Pin WINNER

Sorry I’m posting this so late, but the winner of the bottle cap pin is Andria!  Congrats and I will be sending this out to you on Monday!

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