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Happy Monday

The Chargers won yesterday…woohoo!! We’ll see what happens next Sunday! Today was a great day. I met my sister in law at Starbucks this morning, which was fabulous! I even worked today. I’ve been receiving several inspection requests from my old boss and I did one of them today. They have sent me 23 just […]

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Fun and Chores

So Thursday night Traci came over and we had a great time! We had a drink at the house, then decided to head over to Island’s for dinner. We immediately ordered a round of beers and shots. We had such a fun time together giggling and catching up. I’m sure Matt would not appreciate me […]

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So how inappropriate is it to wear skull shoes to work? I say it’s OK since I’m the only one here and it’s a rainy day. Plus I got them at the beginning of summer for $8 at PacSun and haven’t had a chance to wear them. I love the rain! I have loved the […]

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