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Oh, Baby!

“There’s a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning”…according to Jimmy Buffett anyways! However, this has been a quiet Saturday night for me. Eh, I’m trying to be good and lay off the booze for a while for my diets sake. Did I make that sound like I’m a frequent drinker? No comment. Today […]

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Good Things Come in Large Packages

So yesterday I received a huge package from Jessy! I love it and wanted to brag. We have a gift/package exchange each month, so it’s a combo of that, Christmas and my birthday. We decided that for 2008 we would scale down our monthly packages and only do it a few times a year. We […]

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Goodbye 2007!

The holidays are coming to a close and it’s a little depressing. I love all the lights and decorations. I’ll be putting mine away this week. Christmas was good this year. My grandparents flew out from Texas. We had my mom, sister and grandparents over for Christmas dinner. We decided to make stockings for everyone […]

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