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Google Reader

I discovered a new toy today. Well, I didn’t discover it on my own…it was originally discovered by the man of the house, but I LOVE it. Goggle Reader. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m reading tons of blogs on a daily basis and this is the perfect tool to read them in one […]

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The Weekend is Over

The weekend went by too fast! Yesterday was pretty much a lazy day. We went to get tires for the truck, but the wait was super long and we decided to wait until Sunday to do it. Then we went on the hunt for my new laptop. I’ve been going back and forth for the […]

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Fun and Chores

So Thursday night Traci came over and we had a great time! We had a drink at the house, then decided to head over to Island’s for dinner. We immediately ordered a round of beers and shots. We had such a fun time together giggling and catching up. I’m sure Matt would not appreciate me […]

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