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It’s 3am and I am wide awake drinking a Gatorade G2. I figured since I didn’t post on Sunday I would do so now. However, I might be too lazy to grab the SD card from the camera. We are in Palm Springs!! Oops, I just woke Matt up with my loud typing. I’ll be […]

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Vegas Wedding

Wow, I haven’t posted in a month! Bad girl!! So, what have I been up to? Well, I went to Vegas and saw my good friend, Tracy, get married on a Harley. Yep, they drove through The Little White Wedding Chapel on the Harley. The official wedding is coming up soon…in Puerto Vallarta!! They had […]

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I’ve been pretty busy the past few days and I’m tired and grumpy today. I don’t really feel like writing so here’s what I’ve been up to… Thursday – Blood work done and a gallbladder ultrasound.  Actually, since they don’t JUST do gallbladder ultrasounds, I got to see my kidneys, liver and spleen as well!  […]

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